Total 56 job(s)
Customer Service Executive (12K + Shift Allowance)
Financial Printing
Sheung Wan
Importing & Exporting Executive (16K)
Food trading
Wan Chai
Sales & Transaction Assurance Officer (30K)
Retail Banking
Digital Sales and Usage Assistant ($16K)
Kwun Tong
Customer Service Officer, Health and Employee Benefits (16K)
Wan Chai
Middle Office Assistant (15K)
Central/ Kwun Tong
IT Analyst (35K)
Kwun Tong
Assistant Engineer (13K)
Kowloon Bay
Project Sales Manager (40K)
Kowloon Bay
Marketing Officer (20K)
Retail banking
Kwun Tong
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> Banking
Position 1 year 3 years 5 years up
Junior Clerk 10K 12K 13K
Senior Clerk 12K 13K 15K
Teller 13K 15K 16K
Assistant Officer 15K 16K 18K
Officer 18K 19K 21K
Senior Supervisor 18K 21K 23K
Assistant Manager 20K 21K 25K
Branch Manager 26K 28K 33K
Senior Branch Manager - - 41K+
Vice Executive Director - - 63K+
Executive Director - - 83K+
> Accounting
Position 1 year 3 years 5 years up
Asst. Accounting Clerk 10K 13K 13K+
Accounting Clerk 11.5K 15K 15K+
Accounting Officer 15K 23K 23K+
Accountant 18K 23K 23K+
Cost Accountant 18K 33K 33K+
Chief Accountant - 43K 43K+
Auditor 15K 23K 23K+
Auditing Supervisor 18K 23K 23K+
Accounting Manager - 23K+ 33K+
Finance Director - 53K 73K+
> Secretarial
Position 1 year 3 years 5 years up
Junior Secretary 11K 15K 15K+
Senior Secretary 14K 18K+ 23K+
Executive Secretary 19K 21K+ 26K+
Company Secretary 18K 23K 23K+
> Human Resources & Administration
Position 1 year 3 years 5 years up
Human Resources Assistant 12.5K 17K 19K+
Human Resources Officer 16K 19K 23K+
Human Resources Manager 21K 26K 53K+
Administrative Assistant 12K 16K 17K+
Administrative Officer 15K 18K 23K+
Administration Manager 20K 21K 33K+
> Shipping


1 year

3 years

5 years up

Shipping Clerk




Shipping Officer




Asst. Shipping Manager




Shipping Manager




> Merchandising and Purchasing
Position 1 year 3 years 5 years up
Asst. Merchandiser 12K 16K 18K
Merchandiser 13K 18K 23K
Senior Merchandiser 21K 28K 28K+
Asst. Merchandising Manager 23K 28K 28K+
Merchandising Manager 23K 28K 33K+
Asst. Purchaser 13K 16K 18K
Senior Purchaser 15K 18K 23K+
Purchasing Manager 23K 23K+ 28K+
> Computing
Position 1 year 3 years 5 years up
System Analyst 23K 33K 43K+
System Analyst Officer 23K 33K 43K+
Programmer 16K 28K 28K+
Technical Support 18K 23K 28K+
Technical Support Manager 23K 33K 33K+
Technical Support Consultant 23K 33K 43K+
> Engineering
Position 1 year 3 years 5 years up
Programme Engineer (Design) 16K 23K 23K+
Programme Engineer (Site) 16K 23K 23K+
Electronic Engineer 16K 23K 23K+
Mechanical Engineer 16K 23K 23K+
Asst. Project Engineer 16K 23K 23K+
Project Engineer 16K 23K 23K+
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