Total 57 job(s)

Customer Service Executive (12K + Shift Allowance)
Financial Printing
Sheung Wan
Importing & Exporting Executive (16K)
Food trading
Wan Chai
Sales & Transaction Assurance Officer (30K)
Retail Banking
Digital Sales and Usage Assistant ($16K)
Kwun Tong
Customer Service Officer, Health and Employee Benefits (16K)
Wan Chai
Middle Office Assistant (15K)
Central/ Kwun Tong
IT Analyst (35K)
Kwun Tong
Assistant Engineer (13K)
Kowloon Bay
Project Sales Manager (40K)
Kowloon Bay
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> Tips on preparing for an interview
Preparation Before Interview
Get directions to the location. Confirm the address, the building, and the floor or suite number. Don’t rely on the Internet to provide the directions. It’s always helpful to take a dry run to unfamiliar locations.
Be punctual. Plan on getting to the location 15 minutes early.
Bring along with all relevant interview documents like certificates and reference letters, and have them neatly organized in a file.
Project the image of the position you are seeking. Appearance Counts!
Thoroughly research the organization prior to the interview. Find as much other material about the organization as you can so that you can build up a picture of its goals, functions, structure or products.
Familiarize yourself with the types of questions a potential employer can ask.
Bring extra copies of your resume. The interviewer may not have a copy and there may be other individuals you will meet who should have a copy as well.

During Interview

Greet your interviewer with eye contact and a relaxed smile.
Shake hands firmly. Weak hand shakes may be interpreted as lack of confidence.
Remember the interviewer’s name.
Sit comfortably. It is probably better to have your hands on your lap, and feet on the floor.
Don’t play with eyeglasses, pencil or tapping feet.
Lean forward in the chair rather than back, avoid slouching or sitting bolt upright.
Speak clearly.
Keep on showing your positiveness and enthusiasm.
Thank the interviewer for the time and consideration given you.


Dress appropriately. Choose clothing that fits properly, in the correct length, and a current style.
Generally, men should wear clean and pressed suit, shirt, and a tie; Women should wear suit, skirt or dress and jacket.
Make sure your clothes are neat and pressed.
Ensure that shoes are polished and in good repair.
Be sure that your fingernails are cut and clean.
Make sure your hair is washed and neat.
Go easy on perfume and after-shave, some interviewers may be allergic to particular scents.
Practice good dental hygiene.

Common Mistakes Made During an Interview

Do not become over familiar with the interviewer
Do not become impatient at any time
Do not talk too much
Do not be irrelevant
Do not be argumentative
Do not criticize anyone
Do not show off
Do not worry – you are a winner!

Commonly Asked Interview Questions
Personal Factors:

How would you describe yourself?
What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?
What are your career goals?
What salary are you looking for?
What sort of personal qualities and abilities would you like to see improved in yourself?
What are some of the things that motivate you?
Why should we hire you?
What are your interests outside work?

Work Experience:

Would you describe some of your experience?
What do you consider to be your finest achievements?
Tell me about a complex problem you had to deal with?
Can you tell me how you resolved a difficult experience with a client?
Why did you leave your last job?
What did you like best or least about your last job?
How would you describe your past supervisor?
Did you work best with your colleagues?

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