Total 57 job(s)

Customer Service Executive (12K + Shift Allowance)
Financial Printing
Sheung Wan
Importing & Exporting Executive (16K)
Food trading
Wan Chai
Sales & Transaction Assurance Officer (30K)
Retail Banking
Digital Sales and Usage Assistant ($16K)
Kwun Tong
Customer Service Officer, Health and Employee Benefits (16K)
Wan Chai
Middle Office Assistant (15K)
Central/ Kwun Tong
IT Analyst (35K)
Kwun Tong
Assistant Engineer (13K)
Kowloon Bay
Project Sales Manager (40K)
Kowloon Bay
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> Common types of interviews

A job interview provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate to your potential employer what kind of employee you are and whether you will fit with its corporate culture. Thus, it is essential for you to be well prepared for the job interview.

* The Telephone interview

In situations where large numbers of applicants are anticipated, initial screening may be done over the telephone to avoid sifting through hundreds of written applications
The human resources representative will want to find out if you meet the minimum qualifications for the job
A successful interview will get you to the next stage of the hiring process
All telephone applicants should be treated politely and with efficiency

* The Structured interview

Uses a predetermined checklist of questions that usually are asked of all applicants
The interviewer ensures that all relevant information on the candidate is systematically covered
A special type of structured interview is the behavioural or situational interview
This is based on a detailed analysis of the skills required to perform the job that needs to be filled
The interviewer probes for details of reaction of the applicants under specific situation in the past and predicts their behaviours when same situation arises.

* The Group interview

In the group interview, several job candidates are questioned at once
It is a problem-solving exercise or a leaderless group discussion, with the interviewers acting as observers
Group interviews are probably best used when dealing with applicants with less work experience or fresh university graduates

* The Panel interview

Panel interview are conducted by two or more interviewers
This allows all interviewers to evaluate the applicant on the same questions and answers at one time
Although it can be quite intimidating, you should try to remain calm
Try to establish rapport with each member of the panel
Maintain eye contact with each one as you answer his or her question

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